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Shoosh week: a positive initiative for our community

Bree Parsons, BNA Youth Advisory Group member and Natives player and umpire

Hi everyone,

I'm Bree, a proud member of the BNA Youth Advisory Group, as well as a player and umpire for Natives Netball Club. I wanted to take a moment to share with you why Shoosh Week is such a positive and essential initiative for our netball community.

Shoosh Week: More than just silence

Shoosh Week is set for this Saturday, 8 June, and it's designed to bring attention to the importance of respectful and positive behaviour from spectators. I want to stress that this initiative is not a punishment - it's a proactive step to create a more supportive environment for everyone involved in our sport.

Why Shoosh Week matters

As players, coaches and umpires, we often face intense pressure on the court. The added stress of negative comments from the sidelines can be incredibly daunting, especially for young women. These remarks can affect our mental health and resilience, making it harder for us to perform at our best and enjoy the game we love.

Shoosh Week encourages spectators to take a step back and allow the players, coaches and umpires to focus without distraction. Spectators will be allocated an observation area on the grass, away from the courts. We understand this might be a change for many, but it's a crucial part of postering a positive and fair atmosphere.

The impact on mental health

Negative sideline comments don't just affect performance, they can leave a lasting impact on our mental wellbeing. Imagine being a young umpire, trying to call a fair game, only to be met with harsh criticism from the sidelines. Or a player who hears discouraging remarks instead of supportive cheers. These experiences can be incredibly powerful, but not in a good way.

By promoting positive support and reducing negative commentary, we're helping to build mental resilience and confidence. This approach not only benefits our performance on the court but also contributes to our overall mental health and happiness.

Building a stronger, more supportive community

At Natives, we're excited to see how our teams will bolster and encourage each other in the absence of close spectators. We believe that this initiative will strengthen the bonds within our teams and help create a culture of mutual respect and support.

Shoosh Week is about giving players and umpires the space to focus on their game, knowing they have the full support of their community. It's about creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Join us in supporting Shoosh Week

I'm excited to see Natives come together to make Shoosh Week a success. We encourage all parents, supporters and spectators to embrace this initiative with open hearts and minds. Your positive support can make a world of difference to the young players and umpires who look up to you.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful community and for helping us create a more supportive and positive netball experience for everyone.

See you on the sidelines (but a little further back!)


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